Friday, July 17, 2009

Funky Frills

Foto: Andreea Gheorghies
Model : Diana B- ELAN MODELS

Here is another awesome photoshoot by our talented dear Andreea. If you can actually unglue your eyes from the gorgeous girl, you can see our little Vicious dress. It's one of our favourites since it took like a lifetime to make...piles of tulle turned into hundreds of layers... carefully colour selected and handmade attached.
You can find our precious at Interesart and only there since it's one-of-a-kind-and missed back home:).

Ps. We're going out now to celebrate the fact that we've been busy bees making some new sweets(new dresses next week).Patience...


Mandeea Deejay said...

bun articol :) nota 10 :)

am shi eu o intrebare !! nu vrie sa facem schimb de bannere:-?? sau de linkuri !!

contact yahoo id : mandeea_deejay ! plzz

BohemianSin said...

i foud myself a new era bivolaru....el este deja raposatul...U GUYS! GENIALE CREATIILE VOASTRE!feminine, ˝altfel˝, colorfull...etc. etc.. FELICITARI!



Alice in vintageland said...

Arata grozav, looks like a lot of work,but the end result is awesome!

Veronica said...

Absolut dementiala!

Anonymous said...

Drooling :)
O mai fi la InteresArt sau si-a gasit o norocoasa? Mai faceti?

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