Sunday, March 1, 2009

The yada-yada

When you have a weapon you have to make a choice. The big old-fashioned war must take place inside your little, tortured brain: the battle between Good and Evil. What would you do..

The word is a weapon.. The weapon of choice (yeah, I love Fatboy Slim and I'm talking about something else and by the way - you have to praise me like you should). So.. as I was saying, I have the word as my weapon and I have to choose if my words will heal or hurt.

But I'm a smart lazy ass and I've driven through this statement and learned to say lots of funny jiggery-pokery. But I can heal.. And I can hurt.. Pick a side or come to my wonderland.

P.S. I have used the jiggery-pokery as a metaphor because I'm superficial and I like the sound of it. Do not understand that I am in any way fake or misleading.


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