Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vintage Us and a Happy New Year!

We're in sort of a self-ironic mood and wanted to share with you the joy of laughing at us. What better gift could we offer you?

I was sporting what some might call a pierced Morticia look, whereas Laura was going through some Brady-Bunch-meet-That-70s-Show phase. The Mad Hatter was there with her beloved pet unicorns, who just can't keep their 'hands' off each other.

Frankly, we did not create anything lately and we're feeling sort of numb and disappointed by a series of unfortunate events. I constantly feel that we need to prove, that we have it in us and stuff like that and at some point it gets really frustrating. Talent isn't always enough..

On a lighter note, we wanted to make a few dresses next year, and we already knew how some of them might look like, but right now I'm not sure we'll have the mental strength to pull something like that off.

Have a happy new year and follow your dreams! And we're grateful for all the people we've met since this amazing ride started.

P.S. We'll try to take as many retarded photos possible tomorrow night.

S and L


BURP said...

hey, girls! everybody knows you've got it! so what's up with this melancholic chotronette? hmmm...get your candy together and go have a big New Year's party! :)

Happy New everything! :*

Anonymous said...

aia portocalie e peruca? :P

mda stiu despre ce vorbesti... si eu am simtit niste chestii asemanatoare intr-o perioada.. simteam ca sunt terminat... dar spre rusinea mea, mi-a dat seama ca la mine a fost vorba doar de LENE =)))

ceea ce nu cred ca e cazul la voi. be strong!! =* =* =* LA MULTI ANI !

Chotronette said...
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Chotronette said...

Thank you guys. you're too sweet.. we'll do our best ;)


P.S. No wigs were involved, it was all natural.

Alice in vintageland said...

Nu stiu cat de mult conteaza, but in my humble opinion sunteti super, extra, mega talentate! Tocmai ce am descoperit blogul asta si creati adevrate minuni, so over the top, dramatice, creative, unice, exact pe gustul meu! Sunteti deja in blogrollul meu si sper sa vad cat mai curand si alte creatii!
Hope you'll have the best year ever!

Chotronette said...

multumim mult alice, you're too nice :) ne-au prins foarte bine incurajarile tale..

te-am adaugat si noi in blogroll si iti uram mult succes.

Alice in vintageland said...

Multumesc fetelor!:)

Alice in vintageland said...

P.S Puteti sa schimbati linkul blogului de pe blogspot cu cele de pe weblog care este de fapt "sediul central" (acesta este linkul http://dulapulbunicii.weblog.ro/)
Multumesc inca o data:)

FanicaIsMyLover said...

Lipsa voastra de talent a adus tutu-ului meu numai impresii de genul: wooooow!!:P de poze incerc sa fac rost de anul trecut, dar actorii mei sunt atehnologici si cablurile USB sunt in acelasi domeniu cu UFO. But we will get them one day, preciousss! Keep your dreams wild and screaming all year long!

Alice in vintageland said...

Va multumesc, va pup si abia astept sa vad ce mai creati! In fiecare zi verific blogul vostru :)

Keszeg Agi said...

Ma bucur ca va plac desenele mele,astept sa ma mai viztitati.
Frumos blogul vostru, multa bafta in continuare!

p.s si eu sunt absolventa de design vestimentar

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